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Renko Trading Method

Renko Chase v2.2, One of the best combined trading system since 2013 until now, Work on all MT4 platform with all pairs & markets, well explained rules to use the renko chart correctly.

Best trading strategy for metatrader 4 :

Renko Chase is super mechanic trading system for renko chart, combined with 2 profitable strategies piled in one!, you can make profit easy following simple rules based price action and Fundamental Analysis to get in best trading signal using economic news and breaking events in the world.

Trading with Renko charts offers the most disciplined approach to trading. With sound technical analysis, you can in fact get an edge in trading as well as grow confident in your trading decisions.

System Features

Safe Trading System Based on Price Action
Renko Chart Built for M2 offline Live Chart
All Supported Forex, Futures, Stocks, Index, CFDs, Commodity, Indian Markets, Bitcoin ...
Notification in Real-Time by Sound, Pop-up Alert, Email, Push Notification for iOS & Android
Two in One! 2 templates for Conservative Trading & Aggressive for Scalping & Daytrade
Platform All Brokers on METATRADER 4

Our Solutions

Trade With Economic News

The main rule to use this system is synchronize your trading with the economic news to confirm that upcoming news will not be against buy sell trade appeared by the system, to avoid get in wrong signal when negative news turns scales against your position, when you have a potential signal just ask yourself IF will the next news will support the signal given or Not, clear and easy.

Reverse Trading System

this system is using reversal trading mode based price action, all trading is based on support & resistance, the begining of a signal is considered as the end of the opposite signal, So when potential SELL Signal appear that mean you should close BUY signal and collect your profit, then prepare yourself to check carefully the next trading conditions to get in new SELL order, it's use algorithmic trading for trend detection.

Non-Time Based Charting

Renko is a derivative of a special charting format known as â€کrange candles' where TIME is not taken into consideration to born new candle, Instead, they use movement-based support & resistance, which respond to changes in price movement exclusively, we setup an EA or indicator in timeframe M1 or H1 to build the Renko Chart based real-time data to get live offline emulated chart based Price movement.

Choose Your Trading Style

This trading strategy is unique that give you psychological comfort, away of Candlestick timeframe charts, don't miss any trading opportunities, Suitable for Scalping, Daytrade and Short/Medium terms trading by using Aggressive trading mode, as can be used for Long terms investment with Conservative mode suitable to trade GOLD, SILVER, CFDs, Indices & Cryptocurrency Trading such as: BTC, ETH, DASH..

Discover Renko Chase

Discover Renko chase trading mode through the following screenshot

Traders Review & Testimonial

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Liénafa .C -



"In fact, This Trading system is simple, and very effective, our team began using it a year ago, and we realized the magnitude of the operation in a short time, and we have achieved more profits , What I like about this system, it does not depend on the visual signal only but the conditions and tips given to go, this charting system is a really magic! it Obviates any other indicator"

John Paul .A -



"Definitely one of the better trading systems out on the market , using renko this strategy allowed me to be confident trader , trading signal has very strong basics , rally likelihood of loss , limited to using this system during the issuance of the economic news to filter the best trading signals and take best opportunities in the price storm according to news and price action, it's tools that worth"

T. Lagan


Spain- Madrid

Since I use this indicator, I felt really comfortable, I've got rid of the fatigue analysis and follow-up forms & chart patterns , this Head & Shoulders! , this Cup and Handle! and bla bla bla... i'm Not Expert in these fantasies and illusions !, instead of wasting my time in the follow-up chart candle by candle, a simple glance at price is sufficient with Renko chase to take action immediatly. THANKS

Pricing Package

Lifetime License : 250$

Contact us if you want Pay with:
NETELLER - Skrill - Paysera - Bitcoin

Have any Questions?

Frequently asked questions with About Renko Chase answers supposed to be commonly asked in some context

Our System work only Metatrader 4 platform, and most brokers that operate with MT4 are supported.

License is valid for LifeTime, no expiry date, You can use it as long as you retain the same trading account number.

This a mechanical trading system, all orders will be carried by the trader manually, strategy is not automated.

This indicator supports All currency pairs, Features, Indian Markets, MCX, Indices, commodities, CFDs, Stocks, Cryptocurrency ...

Easy, the package is offered as Setup WIZARD *.EXE to proceed installation automatically just click next, next until finish, video tutorial available.

Yes, of course, just inform us to send you indicators files to proceed manual installation by copy files to MT4 directory.

Yes, with pleasure, if you don't know how to install the system first time, our technical support agent will schedule a Remote Session via teamViewer.

Yes, if you don't have a PayPal account, you can use a debit/credit card without signup or contact us to provide infos for an alternative payment methods.